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I’ve spent years writing government applications, and I’m damn good at it.
I know it, and my clients know it too.

This has been a year of going bigger, better and working with a broader range of people. Keeping in that theme, I’ve designed a course for resume writers. This work has been huge for my business, and I want you to come along for the ride too.

You’re here, on this page because you also want to take your business bigger, level up your skills and have a broader impact.
2021 is your year.

You want to know how I grew my business, and what is it I do that makes my work so highly sought after.

You’re ready to learn the exact process I use to write winning pitch documents, statements of claims and selection criteria.

Here it is.

No guessing.

No wishy-washy waffle.

This is two weeks of detailed ‘how-to’. You learn how to create my framework and I give you before, during and after samples for multiple levels. We cover the different levels of government, and how to break down a job advertisement and position description, and line it up with the targets.

You will learn how to put all of the BITS you need to cover off into a document that looks good, sounds great and delivers real results to your clients.

I’m prone to over-delivering, so you’re also going to get insight into how I price my work and why, as well as a unit on preparing your clients for panel or group interviews.

Invest in growing your business with confidence.
COMPASS has been endorsed by Resume Writers Australia – as have I.

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Unit 1: How it all works
Federal, State and Local Government – the differences
Temporary Employment Register
ILS and Focus Capabilities
Graduate Programs
Security Clearances

Unit 2: Resume Writing for the Public Service
Appropriate Terminology
Incorporating Achievements

Unit 3: Applications
Two sessions
Selection Criteria, Pitch Document or Statement of Claims?
Using the ILS constructively
Opening with a bang, incorporating the ‘nitty-gritty’ and writing a cracking closing paragraph
Selecting appropriate examples
Projection vs Evidence

Unit 4: Preparing Clients for Interview
Situational and Behavioural Interviewing
Panel Interviews
Group Interviews
Panel Interview Etiquette

COMPASS kicks off regularly throughout the year in a private Facebook group format.
Are you ready to take your resume writing up a gear with us?

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