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If you’ve landed here, you’re likely the partner of a member of the Australian Defence Force.

Welcome. You’re in the right place. 

Our founder, Adriana Modersitzki knows first-hand the unique challenges of Defence life, which is why we are so proud of our outstanding reputation for supporting the partners of our serving members. It would be a joy to support you, as well. 

If you meet the eligibility criteria, we can help you access $1500 of funding for professional resume writing, interview and career coaching, and application and selection criteria writing, education or coaching sessions

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For school, university or TAFE graduates with less than two years of professional work experience.

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For individuals with more than two years of work experience. Includes APS levels 2-6.

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For Team Leaders and Mid-Level Managers.
APS EL1 and EL2.

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For C-Suite Executives, Directors, General Managers and Executive Board Positions.
All SES Bands.

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