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Template: DIY Your Resume

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The Professional Resume Template for DIYers

Working with a professional resume writer isn’t always an option. Maybe you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, you need it in a hurry, or you just prefer to write things yourself. In that case, one of our templates could be perfect for you.

Because if you're going to do it yourself, it's important to do it right.

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A Resume Template With a Difference

Unlike most professional resume templates you’ll find online, this template isn’t left blank - and there’s absolutely no lorem ipsum filler text! (We find those templates can leave you feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know what to write in the spots!)

Instead, each section of our downloadable resume templates will explain what you need to write, prompting you with tips that will help you remember all those amazing skills and experiences you already have. Plus, it helps you answer important questions like:

  • What do I talk about?
  • How big should each section be?
  • How much emphasis should I put on certain things?
  • How should I format it to make use of whitespace?
  • How do I avoid creating a mammoth 10-page document?

We’ve designed these templates so you can see exactly what your document should look like at the end. It’s laid out so that you know how much to write in each section - you’ll see exactly what your finished resume should look like before you even begin writing.

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What You Get

Instantly get access to:

  • A short How to Use guide to help you get started quickly
  • A 30-min video from Adriana Modersitzki with tips to help you write your resume
  • A Word doc resume template that’s ready for you to edit
  • Useful built-in prompts to help you create a strong, polished resume
  • All the sections formatted for easy scanning
  • Insights on what hiring managers are looking for
  • A section that specifically talks about paid parental leave (in case this applies to you)

In the 30-min video, Adriana provides general tips about resumes and recruiting insights. Then she guides you through the document and expands on some of the areas of the resume where job seekers often get stuck. She explains what to write, how to write it, and why it matters. Adriana also provides a quick demo on how to edit all the different elements to match your style (including design, colours, and fonts) in Microsoft Word. This extra level of support is designed to help make the writing process easier.

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A Solid Design That Lets Your Content Shine

There are a lot of different approaches to formatting your resume. You’ll find literally thousands of beautifully (and badly) designed resume templates online.
But at the end of the day, it’s not about the format, font, colours, picture, and whether you print your resume on coloured paper or not. These things aren’t all that relevant these days.
The difference between an average resume and a really good one is the content. And these professional resume templates are all about helping you write the best possible content to showcase your skills and achievements, and what you can offer the business, hiring manager, or recruiter.

Of course, our resume templates are designed well, too. We’ve selected some of Elite’s most tried and true designs that we use for many of our clients. Why? Because we know they work well, no matter your role or level.
If you stick with our simple, text-based document, you’ll let your content be the hero - and you won’t risk submitting an over-designed resume that ends up unreadable in most of today’s HR systems.

Worried about Applicant Tracking Systems? Don't be.  Our templates are ATS and human friendly.

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Designed By a Professional Resume Writer and Recruiter

Most importantly, these professional resume templates was created by our founder, Adriana Modersitzki. Adriana has over a decade of experience in this area, including 7+ years working as a recruiter.
She’s seen thousands of resumes from the recruiting side, and since founding The Elite Collective in 2016, she’s written hundreds more for clients across a whole range of roles and industries.
Adriana knows what works and what doesn’t work in a resume, and she’s included all of her best tips inside this resume template. 

Get Started Today!

If you’re ready to make powerful, purposeful career moves… invest in yourself and pick one of our templates! It’s the perfect first step for DIY resume writers who are ready to go after their next opportunity with more confidence.
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Optional Upgrade: Resume Review!

Want a little extra help? If you’d like some more guidance with writing your resume, you can add our professional resume review service.

After you’ve written the first draft of your resume and filled out the template, get a professional resume writer and recruitment expert to review your resume and provide you with feedback.


  • Adriana will personally read and review your resume draft
  • She’ll mark up your document with comments and feedback to show you areas where you can improve
  • Get a list of actions you can take to polish up your resume and get it ready to submit

You’ll hear back from Adriana in just 48 hours, so this is perfect if you need a quick turnaround.

Simply tick the box to add it to your cart and when you’re finished the first draft of your resume, email it to Adriana for review.

With a professional review, you can be confident you’re submitting your very best work!

Template: DIY Your Resume


DIY your resume with confidence and use our professional resume template to help you include all the right sections and formatting.
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