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E-Book: Acing Your Interview

E-Book: Acing Your Interview

Preparing for a job interview and looking for some tips? Need to brush up on your interview skills? Acing Your Interview will help you step into the room or pick up the phone with confidence.
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Job Interview Tips and Skills Training

How do you prepare for a job interview?

Step 1: Get this book
Step 2: Read it
Step 3: Ace your interview

If you’ve got a professional resume sorted and submitted (and you’ve got the skills and experience for the job), you’re about 75% of the way to getting your dream job. But what about the other 25%?

Well, that often comes down to your job interview.

As a recruiter (turned professional resume writer and career coach), Adriana Modersitzki knows what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to job interviews. Adriana created this book to help her resume writing clients learn how to confidently face job interviews and maximise their chances of landing their dream job.

Acing Your Interview is perfect for anyone who may be up for a job interview, but especially mid-level employees wanting to move into a new role, and graduates and teenagers interviewing for their first job(s).

This ebook covers:

  • Tips on how to prepare for an interview
  • Answers to common interview questions
  • Scenario-based questioning tips
  • Questions YOU should ask the interviewee
  • How to respond to inappropriate questions
  • Interview follow up tips

Wherever you’re at in your career, it’s always worth investing in yourself to help you interview better. Your investment will pay itself off many times over when you land a job that pays better or fulfils your career goals. Not to mention, sleep easy knowing that you’ve done everything you can to prepare for your job interview.

Best of all, Acing Your Interview is only 37 pages long and delivered instantly in pdf format, so even if you’ve got an interview coming up tomorrow, there’s still time to work your way through the book and cram some essential interview preparation.

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