Resume in a Day


You something want more than our downloadable template, but less than our bespoke Done For You service. This is for you.
No messing around, let’s get it done.

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Resume in a Day.

Created for jobseekers looking for that lovely little ‘in-between’ sweet spot.

You want more than our downloadable template, but less than our bespoke Done For You service.

I see you. I hear you. I made something for you.

Resume in a Day is a short and sweet immersion, held within a private Facebook group.

My biggest promise to you here?
There will be NO messing around.
You’ll walk away from our time together with your new resume.

What do you get?

Four templates with different aesthetics, including functional and chronological formatting options.

Live videos for each section of the documents. I will be there explaining the who, what, where, when and why (as my 6-year-old would say!). I’ll also be sharing some well-done examples and some that miss the mark.
You will KNOW what you are aiming for.

Graphics, and access to previous course content from Going Beyond the STAR Method.

Three Q&A sessions.

During live rounds, you can ask questions, pick my brain and share your work within the group for my feedback.

How it’s broken down:

Q&A 1
ATS – friendly, compliant. What does it all mean?
How to format your template.
Session 1
Professional Profile or Value Proposition
Compare the Pair
Key Skills – two approaches
Education and Professional Development
Session 2
Achievements – why? how?
Using Going Beyond the STAR Method
How to know if they’re a stand-alone, STAR style achievements or a one-liner in the outcomes/benefits achieved section
Samples, showing you the difference between the two.
Q&A 2
Front page Q&A.
Tailoring the resume appropriately. – it’s like fishing! Use the right bait.
Session 3
Career History
The blurb
How far back to go, when that varies.
What to do if you’ve been with one organisation in different roles.
Show how you go beyond the basics
Building our dot points out beyond three or four words
Splitting responsibilities and outcomes
Session 4
Awards and References
Q&A 3
Questions and hot seat coaching support
Keeping a master copy
Document format for submission – .doc or .pdf?

Don’t want to share in a group setting?

My VIP participants can email me their finalised document for one round of review, markup and suggestions.

The first live round will be held on April 16th.
The group will be in self-study mode between live rounds.

Program only: $122 (including GST)

VIP Upgrade: $222 (including GST)

Purchase your place, and join us here.


Let’s make magic.

This is an offering specifically for job seekers.
The templates included in this program are not for commercial use and are not to be onsold.
If you are a resume writer, and you would like to purchase templates from Elite for your own use in your business, stay tuned – something is coming for you!