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What if I told you...

that you could write your own resume without feeling overwhelmed?

It’s true. It can be easy. 

Our Resume In A Day short course helps you to build skills that will facilitate your career progression far into the future. 

Have you missed out on valuable job opportunities because your resume wasn’t ready?

Are you putting your resume update in the ‘too hard basket‘ over and over again?

Are you sick of second guessing yourself when you finally sit down and start writing?

It's time to stop guessing, and proceed with conviction and clarity.

That's why I created Resume In A Day

Hi, I’m Adriana Modersitzki, Founder of The Elite Collective and  Director of powerful, purposeful career moves.  When I put this course together, I’d worked with several clients who told me they were so happy to FINALLY have their resume sorted out.

They had all planned to do it themselves and had sat down and tried. And they had all missed out on applying for their ideal role, because they had procrastinated or struggled with writing . 

That’s so frustrating!

Imagine if you could confidently apply for any job opportunity that presents itself at any given moment. 

And you feel confident because you’re not just prepared, but you’re also armed with advice that has helped you focus your value and share the exact parts of your experience that the hiring manager wants to see. 

When you complete our Resume In A Day, you’ll have a resume that makes you feel confident, represents your abilities on paper and ensures you’re ready to hit ‘Apply now’ at a moments notice.  

Resume In A Day is for you if...
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It's gets to be easy.
That's why we made Resume In A Day.


“I have always struggled with my resumes, but this takes out all of the stress and guess work and makes the process of resume updating a total breeze. 

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the end result is a polished and professional resume.”

– Senior Legal Officer, Department of Defence


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“I completed the Resume In A Day course and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

It proves that there is always something new to learn and as I understand it, the world of job applications and resume writing is continuously evolving and so it’s of great value to have people like yourself to reach out to.”

– H, Teacher

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“Adriana is a fantastic teacher. She just knows how to bring clarity and plenty of ‘AHA’ moments.”


Are you a VIP?

VIP course participants are ALL IN on themselves. They want a professional resume writers eyes on their work, and they’re committed to creating a powerful document.

When you enrol with a VIP upgrade, you receive a document markup and review as part of your experience.

Turnaround time is two business days and you can flag any specific concerns you’d like us to address.

You will receive light edits, and we will note where you can add more content – or trim it all down!

This specific, actionable feedback is the confirmation and direction you need, to keep your resume punchy, powerful and focused on what the reader wants to see.

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