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Have you missed out on valuable job opportunities because your resume wasn’t ready?

Are you putting your resume update in the ‘too hard basket‘ over and over again?

Are you sick of second guessing yourself when you finally sit down and start writing? 


We hear this ALL THE TIME. 



Our inspiration for creating this program came from conversations with the clients of our resume writing service.

These clients we’re SO relieved to check this job off their to-do lists. They had all planned to do write their resumes themselves and had sat down and tried. Every single one of them had missed a deadline for an exciting opportunity,  because they had procrastinated or struggled with writing . 



Imagine if you could confidently apply for any job opportunity that presents itself at any given moment. 

And you feel confident because you’re not just prepared, but you’re also armed with advice that has helped you focus your value and share the exact parts of your experience that the hiring manager wants to see. 

When you complete our Resume In A Day, you’ll have a resume that makes you feel confident, represents your abilities on paper and ensures you’re ready to hit ‘Apply now’ at a moments notice.  

Who is the course for?

We have had raving feedback from a whole range of jobseekers, including teenagers seeking their first jobs, graduates navigating competitive recruitment rounds, Australian public service personnel and early career professionals. 

Learning Path

Setting your intention and establishing what information you will need to gather. 

Four modern, professional resume templates. suited for a variety of levels, industries and roles.
Formatting tips for each of the templates are included – no struggling with MS Word settings here! 

Learn how to frame your documents to capture all of the requirements, and craft a professional profile that’s more than ‘blah’. These are key steps to helping the reader understand HOW you will fit into their organisation. 

Everyone is a ‘great team player’ on their resume. In this session, you’ll start to pull out achievements and outcomes that show your TRUE value add. 

Practical, easy to apply advice from an ex-recruiter and professional resume writer on displaying the most relevant parts of your career history – and what to do if it’s still quite short! 

We tell you exactly how to work out what the reader wants to see, so you can get the edge on your competition.


How to master the ‘humble brag’, and how to have conversations with potential references. 



Going Beyond The STAR Method
Short Course


Nail your Next Application


Acing your Interview

Are You Ready To Start?

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