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Need to put together team CVs for presentation? Refining candidate resumes and making them look super schmick is time consuming, but that first impression is way too important to skip over the details. Instead, focus on where you can add the most value and delegate appropriately.

We have plenty of experience supporting corporate organisations to create winning, consistent, and cohesive resumes for submission to the Commonwealth. When you work with Elite, we’ll help you align your candidates to the position description, draw out all the good juicy pieces, and ensure you are delivering professionally formatted documents that match your brand.

“Adriana is dedicated and driven to produce a real difference. Her focus on detail and appreciation of workflow gave clarity to my resume. Using what was an epic Tolkien novel, Adriana gave it structure and clarity that presented my capability into a consumable format that was a delight to read.”


Defence Industry Project Manager


Got questions about our branded templates and pitch documents? Maybe we can help...

Sure you can! If you’ve written and formatted your team’s CVs and other submission documents up until this point, that’s great - give yourself a pat on the back. However, there are a few (very good) reasons why our clients choose to invest in professional writing:

  • They’re pitching candidates in a competitive market, and need to present them more professionally than ever before
  • They’re short on time (writing these documents takes time, especially when you don’t do it every day)
  • They’ve been looking at it for too long and feel like their submissions are missing something, but can’t quite put their finger on it

If that’s you, then external writing support and a professional set of branded templates could be a very good investment.


We sure can. Our clients are based all over Australia (and many of them move around pretty regularly!).

We’ll have a chat to find out more about what you need so we can tailor a process to suit you.

Comparing the prices of other resume and document writers is smart if you want to shop around. But make sure you don’t just compare on price points. Each career advisor or writer brings unique experiences and skills to the table, which could be the difference between a pitch or job application that works, and one that doesn’t.

If you just need a basic resume and cover letter, we might be overkill for you, and that’s okay. You’ll find there are plenty of writers who can cater to your needs.

We’re competitively priced for our clients who need executive-level professionalism, attention to detail, government/Defence experience, and recruitment/HR experience that only we can offer. Plus, we offer an exclusive, boutique experience, so we can only take on a limited number of clients. This is how we deliver the best possible documents, tailored to your skills, experience, and opportunities.

We’ll send through our full terms with your quote, with all pricing in Australian dollars. B2B clients are on Net 14 terms (payment is due within 14 days after the invoice date), and individual clients are required to pay in full upfront. Individual clients also have access to ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ via LayBuy.

Sadly, no. While we do our very best work for our clients and are confident we’ll give you that edge to increase your chances... we only control a small piece of the puzzle. After the writing is done, it’s over to you to submit the documents, ace the interview, and be the right person (or team) for the role. But don’t worry - you’ve got this! You just have to make sure you’re ready for that amazing opportunity when it hits.

Want Our Help? Let’s Get Started.

The first step is to contact us so we can make sure we’re a good fit for each other. We look forward to hearing about your next big opportunity and getting the chance to tell your story.
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