The Sweet Spot

We’re resume writers.
We regularly work with people who are experiencing overwhelm after combing through ALL THE ADVICE out there on resume writing, career strategy and interviewing.
There’s a lot, and it can be disconcerting.
Are our clients confident, capable people who could create a document themselves? Of course. But they come to us to cut through the noise. To get some objectivity and to knock out the time sink that is trial and error.
They come to us to have someone in their corner, cheering them on. There’s no hierarchy with our clients. There’s support, guidance and objectivity.

We give our clients this experience, but where do we get them for ourselves? Well,
Vicki from Resume Writers Australia and I have created More Than Words for this exact reason. Because we get it.
Just like our clients when they search for career ‘how-to’, as business owners, we know what it’s like to be bombarded with many different and often conflicting business approaches. We’ve experimented with our businesses a LOT, and we know the value of having someone in your corner to step things out with you.

One person tells you you’re nothing without a formal business plan, a set bucket of funding and a niched in client avatar. Speak in ‘we’ not ‘me’ so you sound bigger and fancier. Don’t ever let on that you work from home. God forbid a child pipes up. People won’t respect you.

Another person tells you that the customer is always right and always comes first. If you’re not dropping your world when your email goes ‘ ping’, then you’ll never make it. You better undercharge, overdeliver and be grateful for the opportunity to do it in the first place. Hell – if the chance to work for exposure rather than actual cash money comes up, you’d be silly to miss out. Forget that it’s bedtime and you have small children, forget that you’re unwell, or that it’s 2am on a Sunday. DROP EVERYTHING.

Throw in a few people preaching the laptop lifestyle and that you should friend request anyone and everyone to tell them about your offer and ask them to join your free community – what’s a person to do?

No wonder so many of us starting out find ourselves in a bit of a pickle.

It’s a bit hard to kick a goal when the goalposts keep moving, right?

How do you put yourself front and centre, if you can’t work out what that should look like? Do you go the full-on corporate “we” and wear a blazer for a posed headshot? Do you carefully curate a laptop lifestyle Instagram post?

Folks, if the blazer chafes and the laptop perched on a beach chair makes you cringe – there is another way.

There’s a sweet spot.

Do you want to know how I found it? It took me a while, muddling through on my own. First, I looked outward for information. I listened to suggestions, tested systems and platforms and created processes that made my life simpler and gave my clients a better experience. I began using a CRM rather than paper scribbles. I started tracking emails, making my pricing transparent and available and cultivating a network (without warm wine and fifty business cards).

That was good. It was overwhelming and often conflicting at times, but it was the nudge I needed to create better systems.
This served me, and it served my clients. It grew my business to a certain point. But it got pretty noisy, pretty quickly.

Talk of sales funnels, mailing lists, some nonsense about sales trip wires – what?
I was starting to get pretty uncomfortable. That’s not how I wanted to do business.
I was there to help people. I wanted them to come to me because they wanted to, not because I’d tricked them into it.

That was my cue. I started looking elsewhere and found people that preached the value of internal guidance for these choices.
“In business, though?” I thought. Surely not.
I persisted, and began to balance all that external noise with reflection when new ideas or potential changes came my way.
Things got a LOT easier.
”Do I want clients to complete and sign a formal contract and terms of engagement as part of our onboarding process?
How does that FEEL to me? Feels like a big old no. Hmm. Why is that?
Well, I base every single thing I do on trust, connection, transparency and relationship building.
I think it’d be a pain in the neck to manage, and I don’t love the feeling it would create for my clients.
What would it mean to me to have to trigger these terms and conditions? Does it align with my values?
Have I ever found myself in a situation where it’s needed? What did I do?
What did that really mean for me? Did the sky fall? Would I do it differently? No.
Ok, that sounds like an extra step I don’t need to do.

Guess what? I’m still here. I’m still serving the people. I’m still a very real and very profitable business. Most of all, I operate in a way that feels good to me and that aligns with my values. That means it’s easy for me to turn up every day.

If you’re looking to grow your resume writing business, the best kind of growth will come from dialling into your unique point of difference and creating systems and process in line with that.

You can look externally for information, and still be guided internally.

That’s the sweet spot.

That’s More Than Words. The deep dive into creating exactly this, for yourself.

It starts May 10th. You’re coming, right?


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