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A Defence Partner is job-seeking immediately after an interstate posting to Victoria…during COVID. It sounds like the start of a bad joke…but it’s actually a wonderful story with a really happy ending!


Jane’s journey with us started in January 2022 when she attended one of our founder Adriana Modersitzki’s workshops, Career by Design or Default. Inspired to pursue roles that truly aligned with her values, she sought our support through the Australian Defence Force Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP). At The Elite Collective, we take immense pride in supporting the partners of our serving members as many of our team members, including our Founder Adriana, understand the unique challenges of life as a Defence partner.

Jane had moved from another state to regional Victoria due to her partner’s ADF posting, leaving behind her career as a preschool teacher, but still very much driven by a passion for books and education. However, she felt burnt out and longed for a career change, specifically into an admin or customer service role. She was overwhelmed and concerned about making a career transition on top of an interstate move AND COVID!

She set her eyes on a job that recognised her skills, offered a peaceful, safe, and collaborative working environment, and provided financial security. The catch was that jobs that fit the bill were all located in Melbourne, and she was still studying for a degree.

The team at The Elite Collective stepped in to lend a helping hand. We provided her with career coaching, selection criteria writing coaching, and crafted a resume and cover letter as well as selection criteria for three different job applications. Two of these opportunities perfectly fit her aspirations, while the third served as a backup plan. As a result of our collaborative efforts, she secured interviews for the two jobs that aligned perfectly with her goals.

We’re thrilled to report that 44 days after she first contacted us, this email landed in our inboxes: 

I wanted to let you know I was offered a job yesterday!! It was the admin and events officer role at University of Melbourne. I absolutely aced the interview and got the call yesterday! I am so excited and so proud. Thank you so much for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. I am just over the moon at the moment, and I’m going out to dinner to celebrate. Thank you, thank you!!!!!”

Jane aced her interviews and was offered her dream job working at a prestigious Victorian university. 

This role checked all the boxes, offering the peaceful and collaborative environment she desired and an attractive salary of $86,000 to boot.

In her words: “You took the time to really understand what it was I wanted out of the service and helped me to identify my transferable skills in our career clarity session. You took the time to understand me and my past career history and it really showed in the finished products (resume and cover letters) which I was so happy with. Working with Elite Collective will be the best investment you make in yourself, your confidence and your career”

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