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For individuals with more than two years of work experience. 

Includes APS levels 2-6.

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APS EL1 and EL2.

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For C-Suite Executives, Directors, General Managers and Executive Board Positions.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Not a problem! We know that every job application is different, so check out our packages to see if there is one that fits the role you are applying for.

If not, contact us here and we’ll get back to you within one business day recommending the most appropriate services.

Just some of the services we offer to help you include:
– Resume writing
– Selection criteria
– LinkedIn profiles
– Interview coaching
– Pitches and statement of claims
– PEAP support
– Government applications
– Defence and career transitions 

We help Professionals, Managers and Executives to make their next career move. We’ve listed the differences between each career stage below. Ultimately, you would engage us at the level of the work you wish to secure. For example, if you’re an APS6 and you’re applying for an EL1 position, you would engage us at the Management level.

If you are still unsure of the best stage for you, please get in touch!

Professional – Individuals with more than two years of work experience, including APS levels 2-6.

Management – For team leaders and mid-level managers, including APS EL1 and EL2.

Executives – These include C-Suite Executives, Directors, General Managers and Executive Board Positions, including all SES Bands. 


Yes, we give refunds aligned with the ACCC guidelines! But we’ve never had to offer a refund yet, because we work very closely with you and get your feedback every step of the way to ensure you get top-quality documents that suit your unique situation.

We will refund you the full amount if work hasn’t started. If work has commenced, we will refund you minus the pro-rata cost of the work already completed.

No. Frankly, if a resume writer does guarantee you a job simply due to their services, we suggest you run a mile.

We can’t guarantee you a job because we can’t control all the factors that influence the application process, such as the interview panel and recruitment checks.

What we DO guarantee, however, is that you will receive outstanding, professionally written and top-quality documents tailored to your personal experiences, skills and achievements. We’ll keep asking for your feedback throughout the entire process and we’re confident that you’ll get nothing less than the best.

We most certainly do! You can buy now and pay later using AfterPay, Lay Buy or PayPal In 4 – whichever suits you.

We hear you; times are tough for many of us right now. But we still want you to succeed and make that next career move!

Why not try our $122 Resume In A Day program – with seven guided videos, before and after examples, four resume templates and access to our ebook, Acing the Interview, it’s a value-packed alternative.

Yes! You can check that any website is secure and trusted to take payments by looking for the padlock symbol to the left of the URL address bar.

Our packages for multiple services already contain a discount, so be sure to check them out here!

We help professionals who have already started their careers or are in leadership and executive positions and ready to make their next career move.

We also specialise in government, Defence transition and PEAP program support.

If you are a graduate or looking for a first job, our sister company, Simply Careers, will be able to support your needs. It’s a different brand, but the same great service!  


Elite resumes and job applications stand out for three reasons:

1. We CONNECT with every individual who engages our services by providing a high-touch, service-focused operation. We take great pride in using a person-centred approach to ensure your unique skills and experiences shine. In addition to giving superior customer service, it also means that we make you the centre of your documents by writing everything ourselves!

2. We CHALLENGE ourselves to continuously do better and surprise and delight our clients. We use a continuous coaching model to enhance every team members writing and ensure we deliver top-quality documents, every time. We don’t just meet the bar – we raise it.

3. We are CURIOUS and ask questions to dig deep and understand what makes you unique. Our curiosity means that we can paint a vivid picture of your value in the workforce, which has consistently resulted in documents that are given interviews and offered roles!

So if you’re looking for a top-quality service working with Australian writers that seek to understand your unique experiences, make your next career move with us today.

Very! We have such great success that our clients regularly refer their partners, children, friends, and colleagues – and even return themselves in a few years when they are ready for their next career move.

We’re the resume writers that other resume writers use, if they want to apply for jobs. 

You can see just some of what our happy clients have to say here.

Yes. We specialise in government applications and our writers receive additional training in this area. However, they come from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds. Our unique, person centred approach means we can write for all industries, and convey your depth of knowledge and understanding. 

Our team have experience writing applications across more than 200 industries, from technical to professional roles at all levels of business.

Just some of the more common sectors we write for include:
• Accounting
• Aged care
• Architecture
• Arts and entertainment
• Banking
• Boards and committees
• Community and social services
• Construction
• Defence
• Education
• Engineering
• Environmental
• Executives
• Finance
• Graduate programs
• Government
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Human resources
• Insurance
• Leadership and management
• Legal
• Logistics
• Marketing
• Manufacturing
• Media
• Medical and nursing
• Mining
• Not-for-profit
• PEAP program support
• Professional services
• Project Management
• Real Estate
• Sales
• Tourism
• Transport
And many, many more!

We specialise in federal, state and local government applications, as well as Defence roles.

Each of our writers undertakes our unique government application training program that ensures they are up to date with the latest expectations for government standards.

The training that they complete was developed by our founder, Adriana, and is endorsed by Resume Writers Australia, and regularly completed by other resume writers seeking to up skill in this area.

So whether you need to include the ILS for an APS position or a capability framework for a state or local role, we’d love to help you out with a quote today.

Most definitely! Elite founder, Adriana, was a Defence spouse. We all know how it works when you know someone, and she supported several of their friends through their transitions, before supporting her husband to transition from Defence to contracting, and even his own business!

Her passion for helping veterans find their feet in the civvie world has continued over the years, and she now trains every Elite resume writer to understand and support Defence transitions.

Let’s talk about your next move today!

Yes we can. We’ve worked with many people who have finished university in their 50’s and are moving to an entirely new job, and with people who’ve changed from running their own business to becoming an employee.

No matter how big the change is, we can write a resume that articulates your value proposition to potential employers.

We’d love to assist you. Whether you are returning to work after parental leave, a sabbatical, ill health or caring for someone, our team has lots of experience creating resumes and job applications that make recruiters focus on your fantastic skills and achievements, while pre-empting any questions they may have about your gap in work history.

We take information security very seriously and have a range of ways we protect your personal information. For full details, please read our Privacy Policy.

We are proud to be an Australian, Veteran family owned business that hires Australian resume writers. We have writers across most states and territories who bring a wealth of experience from their careers.

You’re not alone in asking us this – and in fact, we asked this question ourselves and put ChatGPT to the test! We found that there are many reasons hiring a professional resume writer will help you make your next career move.

1. Our professional resume writers are trained to ask questions to make you think about your career differently, giving us information to help you stand out. ChatGPT is only as good as the information you know to put in.

2. We understand and stay up-to-date on current hiring practices of your industry and job level – whether it’s a government role or a specialist technical position, our team has over 63 years of combined experience to draw on and apply insights to your documents.

3. Our resumes significantly increase the chance of getting an interview, being offered more roles and negotiating a higher salary.
PLUS, we provide advice about applying for jobs, interviews, and so much more in our conversations.

So if you’re ready to invest in your career and use a professional to help you get ahead, contact us today!

We can! Our writers are flexible and happy to help you write a resume for an Australian job, even if you live elsewhere.

If you would like a resume for a job in another country, please let us know up front, as each country has different recruitment expectations, which means we may need to alter how we write.

We have an intensive recruitment process, and each of our writers is chosen to join the Elite team for their unique experiences and qualifications – and their dedication to service.

Our team have a wide array of experience.  Some have certifications in resume writing and career coaching, others have tertiary qualifications in human resources, or extensive recruitment experience. Some have held C-level leadership roles, others have held Board positions. 

Regardless of their experience, before they start writing with us, each writer completes training and coaching to enhance their skills and ensure they have a base level of knowledge across key industries.

We also have monthly workshops to discuss industry changes, improve our writing and complete quality assurance checks.

Our successful approach is evident by the wonderful testimonials left by many happy clients we have worked with.


If you’d like to cut straight to the chase, you can purchase a writing package directly on our website by clicking on the stage that best suits your next career move.

Or, if you would like to engage a custom package you can contact us directly, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a quotation.

Our process is straightforward.

After we receive your payment and information, our writers will call or email you (your preference) for a 30 minute consultation to discuss your career history and job application.

Drafts of your documents will be emailed to you for review, and you can talk through any changes you would like during a 15 minute feedback call.

Once those revisions are made, the final documents will be emailed to you – ready for submission!

Usually, resumes take 5 business days to write from the time you make a purchase or pay your invoice.

We use this time to review your request, call you for your 30 minute consultation, write the resume, review the draft with you over the phone, make any final revisions and then email you the final document. Phew!

If you require other documents, or engage a suite of services this may increase the timeframe. Your writer would discuss this with you at the time of booking, and you would create a game plan together.

If you have a set due date that you’re working with and it’s sooner than these timeframes, please contact us using our online form.
We will let you know if we have availability to complete your work faster.

If you need assistance with less than 3 days’ notice, please get in touch with us here. If we have availability to complete your work faster while maintaining the top-quality services we offer, we will let you know.

Please note that all fast turnarounds incur a 25% rush fee.

Yes! Throughout the whole process, any feedback you provide will be incorporated into the final draft.

You can request changes as often as needed until the final versions are agreed on. However, most of our clients only need to provide feedback once due to our superior information-gathering process.

You must provide your latest resume and the link and relevant documentation for the role you are applying for.

If you don’t have a resume or yours is very outdated, we can give you a form that will ask you to add your key work history, qualifications, skills, achievements and any other pertinent information. We can also discuss this on the phone with you, if that’s your preference. 

Our experienced writers are located all around Australia, and are available to email, telephone or video conference with you throughout the writing process.


In-person meetings are not offered as we often find the best writer for your needs may be located in a different state!

We match writers to each request based on their experience, knowledge of the industry and role. If you have a specific writer you would like to use, let us know, and if they are available, we will assign them to your work – or we’ll advise you if we have someone better suited for your needs.

We match writers to each request based on their knowledge and understanding of the industry and role you are applying for.

This means the writer you are assigned will use industry-specific keywords and highlight your relevant skills and accomplishments to make your resume stands out to potential employers.

Yes, we provide all documents in Word and PDF formats so that you can continue to update them as your career progresses.

This is a hot button topic when it comes to resumes and job applications. While ATS compliance is relevant to some industries and niches, it’s a little more nuanced than just tell you that of COURSE we will create an ‘ATS compliant resumes’. Often, that’s used as a marketing buzz word in this space with little insight into the actual back end of recruitment process and ATS use.
To wrap up our advice quite succinctly, an ATS is basically a digital filing cabinet. An ATS is used differently in Australia to other countries but often is marketed here the same. We are aware of ATS and take this into account when designing layouts and presenting information, but it’s not as dire as made out to be!

We feel so strongly about this we have a blog dedicated to the topic, which can provide you with more information. You can read it here. 

From there, if you have any questions, your writer will be able to answer them or you are always welcome to contact us.

Elite writers take great pride in purposefully drawing the attention of recruiters and hiring managers by adding the right amount and pertinent key words and phrases relevant to your industry and job role. We do this carefully, without over saturating your documents, so that they still make sense when read.

We only review documents if you have written a resume after purchasing the VIP Upgrade for our Resume In A Day course, which guides you through our process for writing resumes. If you would like to buy this course for $222, click here.