Sree’s Story

Client Success Stories at The Elite Collective - Real stories real impact, Sree's story

In January 2023, Sree found himself craving a career change after dedicating 15 years to his role. He was ready to take on new challenges and explore different specialties, particularly in rural areas. However, having not gone through a proper job interview in over 15 years, he felt a bit out of practice and unprepared for this significant transition.


Sree’s impressive technical expertise and unique background made him reluctant to seek help from a resume writer. But with three Master’s degrees under his belt, only one of which directly related to his current position, he worried about effectively showcasing his diverse qualifications for the job he really wanted, the one that would tap into his other degrees. And to top it off, the geographical distance of his desired roles added to his concerns about being taken seriously as a candidate.

But then, Sree stumbled upon The Elite Collective, and after hearing about our expertise in Government applications, he decided to give us a shot. He sought our help with his resume, cover letter, and some additional interview coaching—and boy, was it a game-changer! Sree was so thrilled with the results from Danielle’s help that he asked for assistance with two additional cover letters and selection criteria for other job opportunities that popped up while he waited for a response to his initial application.

The collaboration with The Elite Collective proved to be a roaring success. Sree managed to secure interviews for both state government roles he applied for, which perfectly aligned with his career aspirations. The whole process moved quickly, taking just 14 days from his first contact with The Elite Collective to his first interview. And 133 days after his interview, the length of which stemmed from the comprehensive recruitment procedures by the government department, Sree received the job offer he had been dreaming of—one that would fully utilise his diverse skillset from his other Masters degrees.


We were ecstatic to support and guide Sree throughout this journey in achieving his career goals. Danielle’s exceptional service, combined with Sree’s unwavering determination, led to a successful outcome that perfectly matched his professional ambitions in a new and exciting location. Kudos to Sree for embracing change, we are so proud to have been involved in making it happen! Here’s to new beginnings and a bright future!


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