Jacob’s Story

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Jacob was referred to The Elite Collective by one of our previous clients, in search of a resume tailored for a Federal Government SES Band 1 position. 

What Jacob really wanted, though, was a resume that told his unique story—something we excel at!


Prior to engaging us, Jacob had received feedback from his executive coach that his resume lacked clarity and didn’t showcase his accomplishments. He knew he needed the summary on his resume enriched significantly, and he believed that a team of professional resume writers could help him tackle this challenge head-on.


 Given Jacob’s career aspirations and our expertise in Government Applications, it was a match made in heaven.

As an Indigenous Australian, Jacob also had concerns about being pigeonholed for either Indigenous roles or Finance positions solely because of his previous work at the ATO. While he was open to these roles, he was very eager to demonstrate his versatile capabilities that could be applied anywhere, especially highlighting his commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity, along with his exceptional staff management and leadership skills.


Jacob entrusted us with crafting his resume and a one-page pitch, stressing the importance of maintaining authenticity and reflecting his down-to-earth communication style. We happily rose to the challenge, and Jacob was thrilled with the results! We managed to incorporate his values and unique personality into the resume seamlessly.


But that’s not all—we didn’t just stop at one version! Jacob kept getting headhunted for various roles, and he wanted his resume tailored for each opportunity. So, we worked closely with him to deliver several resumes, each perfectly suited to the specific positions he was pursuing.


Our efforts paid off and Jacob’s revamped resume opened doors for him. His new resume led to an offer for a Temporary Transfer for 12 months, marking a successful transition to the right role, at the right level in a different agency and the next exciting chapter in his career journey.


We’re absolutely delighted to have played a small part in Jacob’s success story. Our commitment to capturing each client’s essence in their application documents and empowering them to achieve their career goals is what sets us apart – and it’s what sets them apart during screening.


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