6 x 60 Minute Career Coaching Sessions

$2,800.00 Inc. GST

Transform your career with our comprehensive package of six 60-minute sessions. Our certified, Australian Career Coaches will guide you through a deep dive into your aspirations, helping you overcome obstacles and maximise your potential. Develop a robust career strategy, refine job search techniques, and build a strong personal brand. Perfect for those committed to significant career growth

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or from $1,600.00 today & 5 weekly interest-free payments of $240.00 with Laybuy



If you’re seeking a comprehensive and transformative career coaching experience, our 6 session package is the ideal choice. This package is designed to provide a deep dive into your career aspirations, helping you identify and overcome obstacles while maximising your potential. Our certified career coaches will work with you over multiple sessions to develop a robust career strategy, refine your job search techniques, and build a strong personal brand. This package is perfect for individuals who are committed to making a significant impact on their career trajectory.

Additional Information:

  • Afterpay is available, making our career coaching sessions more accessible and convenient for you.
  • All sessions are delivered online via MS Teams or Zoom, ensuring flexibility and convenience for your busy schedule.
  • Our sessions are led by qualified career coaches, who possess the expertise and knowledge to guide you effectively.

Invest in your future and take charge of your career with our person-centred career coaching sessions. With our support and guidance, you can navigate your professional path with confidence and achieve your desired outcomes. Choose the package that suits your needs and embark on a transformative career journey today!

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