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Talent Community: Australian Defence Contractors

Are you a Defence contractor looking for your next role? Don’t waste your valuable time on job boards or talking to dozens of different firms (often about the same role). Let us keep you up to date on the latest contract opportunities that match your unique skills and strengths.

Seeking Talented Defence Contractors

We have opportunities at all levels and all disciplines. from program and project management services and support through to ILS and commercial services. If that’s you, you belong in Found For You.
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Your Next Opportunity, Found For You

Here at Elite, we hear about new opportunities for skilled Defence contractors every week via our select group of referral partners (side note: we’re picky about who we work with!).
Some roles we’ve filled previously include:
  • Project Manager
  • Training Development Specialist
  • Test and Evaluation Manager
  • Project Support
  • Business Development Lead
  • Maritime Response Capability Team Lead
  • Senior Engineer
  • Commercial Manager
  • Systems Integration Specialist

Why Join the Talent Community

Save Time

Don’t waste your downtime taking calls from a dozen different places. Let us show you only the opportunities we think you’ll like.

Get on the Inside

Sometimes, the best opportunities and job listings don’t get advertised publicly - they come to connected individuals and private communities, like ours.

Get Personalised Help

If an opportunity we’ve found is a good fit for you, we can help you tell your story and present your unique strengths with the right documents.

We're High-Touch

This isn’t an automated, set-and-forget service. We don’t focus on volume. We manually approve each community member, and we carefully check each job listing so that you only see the right positions.

We're HR Experts

Need a specific document prepared so you can apply for a role? We can do that. Not sure what something in the job description means? Let us translate for you. We’ll make it as easy as possible to make your next career move.

We're People Focused

Our Found For You service is small-scale and highly personalised. We’ll never push you into a role that’s not right for you because we only want to match you up with opportunities that align with your skills, talents, and goals.

Here's How it Works


Join the Talent Community

Fill out the form to send us your details. We manually check and approve your details (sometimes with a phone call) before we sign you up to our list.

Get Regular Found For You Emails

You’ll get our regular email with current opportunities that fit your chosen areas of interest.

Send an EOI

If an opportunity grabs your interest, you can reply to the email to let us know. We’ll set up a time to go through the details over the phone.

Apply For Roles

If you’d like to apply for an opportunity, we can help facilitate the next steps, and get you ready for the role.
“Hi Adriana, just wanted to update you that I have signed a contract! Thank you so much for the introduction. The foot in the door has been a gift in Canberra!

Join the Talent Community

Want to be considered for these new opportunities? Keen to work with Elite and our select group of referral partners? Simply add your details and resume below.
Accepted files: pdf, .doc, .docx


It’s free to join our Defence contractor list, free to receive emails, and free to apply for roles. We get a finders’ fee (paid by the company that hires you) when we help successfully match a skilled contractor with the right opportunity. We also offer paid services (like resume writing), but they aren’t obligatory! If you do elect to have the team create a fresh resume for you, and we end up placing you in a Found For You role, we’ll refund you the cost of your resume.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll find your perfect job - there’s too much out of our control to promise that. But we can guarantee that you’ll always get high quality opportunities sent your way - and that we’ll do our best to support you if you choose to pursue them. Speaking of which: if you engage the Elite team to write your resume and we place you in a role, we promise to refund the cost of your resume (we hope you’ll go out to dinner to celebrate your new career move, on us).

Yes! We manually check each role to ensure it’s a quality opportunity before we send it out to our community, and we only work with trusted partners. We also have great channels of communication so we can reach back for further information that might help you assess your suitability.

Right now, the Talent Community is specifically for Defence and federal government contractors. We manually check the details of every applicant to ensure they’re the right fit - this ensures that our roles are relevant for your background and qualifications.

Our regular schedule is once a week. Occasionally, you’ll hear from us a little more often or a little less often, because our focus is on connecting you with quality roles - not filling up your inbox. If you secure a role but you’d still like to stay in the community, you can update your email preferences to just receive our quarterly updates. That way, you can easily resubscribe to get Found For You emails when you’re ready to find your next opportunity again.

Many of the roles are based in Canberra, as that’s where most Defence contracting and government roles are concentrated. But we receive and share opportunities from all over Australia.

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