Is Hiring a Professional Resume Writer Expensive?

If you’ve ever wondered if hiring a professional resume writing service is expensive, you’re not alone! We’re often asked how much a professional resume writer costs and if it’s worth the money. After all, you’ve always written your resumes before, and who else could possibly know you and your career better than… well, yourself?


We’re not offended. It makes sense that you want to know if a professional resume writer will help you get a better job or a higher salary. Many people wrestle with these questions when considering their next career move. So, let’s look at why using a professional resume writer is not a cost but an investment in your career.


Australian jobseekers are expected to manage their careers and skills development themselves. However, handling your own career is proving increasingly difficult. Industry skills shortages, job insecurity, employee engagement, and technological advancements create a constantly changing landscape that is entirely different from even ten years ago, when virtual job interviews and video questions were unheard of. While an evolving workforce environment is not something we can control, professional career writing services can help you navigate the changes successfully.  


One hurdle to using a professional resume writer is the cost. However, this obstacle is often a mindset, rather than a money issue.

How much does a professional resume writer cost? And – is it even worth it?

Hiring a professional resume writer comes with a price tag. However, when you consider the positive effects of using career writing services, the perspective shifts from an expense to an investment. A tailored resume sets the foundation for future career growth. It can open doors to new opportunities, higher-paying roles, and career advancements – resulting in job satisfaction that far outweighs the initial cost.


If you search Google, you’ll see that professional resume writing services range from $80 to over $2500. This cost depends on your experience and seniority, the technical nature of the positions you’re applying for, and the type of resume writing service. We strongly encourage you to weigh different options to ensure you are getting a personalised service!


The Elite Collective resume writers spend, on average, between 4 to 8 hours delivering well-written job application documents. This time covers initial communications, research, feedback and advice, the writing process, editing, review calls, and the final provision of documents. Our process ensures that your unique skills and experiences are crafted to match your next career step.

Will a professional resume writer help you get a better job or a higher salary?


It’s widely recognised that having a well-written resume significantly improves your job search success rate. The Career Development Association of Australia found that individuals are 2.67 times more likely to secure a job in their chosen field and seniority level if they use a career development professional, such as a resume writer, to support their endeavour. Why? Because our personalised approach helps people to explore new possibilities, navigate career choices and build self-confidence in their strengths and skills.  


That means that instead of accepting the first job offer that comes their way, these professionals have a 267% increased chance to be offered and accept their perfect, meaningful role. And that’s something we LOVE to celebrate at The Elite Collective.   


Our work doesn’t just stop at resumes. We help you to shape the whole package – cover letters, selection criteria, statement of claims and interview coaching – into an application that stands out in a competitive job market. Jobseekers using a professionally written application not only have a 42% chance of getting a higher salary, but they are offered new jobs faster too.  

How can a professional resume writer create a better job application when you know your career best?

We agree, you are the expert in your career and skills. But did you know that you generally have only 7-8 seconds to capture a recruiter’s attention with your resume? That’s because job application documents are marketing documents – and being professional resume writers, we’re the experts in presenting information in a way that best meets a hiring manager’s expectations.  

We understand how to craft a resume that catches the attention of the reader. We know how to ask different types of questions to highlight your strengths, align your resume with industry standards, and tailor it to specific job roles. We also acknowledge the opportunity value of a third-party point of view; our perspective increases your chance of being offered an interview by 32%. Not to mention – having a different outlook on your value proposition can be very affirming and build your confidence. 


While hiring a professional resume writer is an upfront cost, the long-term opportunities and benefits it creates far outweighs your initial investment. Are you ready to make a strategic decision to propel your career forward, increase your earning potential, and position yourself for success in the competitive job market? 

If you’re considering investing in your career, make your next move one worth taking and contact us to learn more about our services. 


We’d love to chat about how we can support your next move.  

Adriana Modersitzki

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