Top Australian Podcasts for Career Advancement

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ROUND UP: Our Top 5 Australian Career Podcast Recommendations

A note from Adriana

Earlier this year, I went to the Pop Your Business conference in Canberra, and saw Kristina Karlsson speak. If you haven’t heard of her, Kristina founded Swedish design and stationary giant kikki.K, currently runs The Dream Life Store, and is a New York Times bestselling author and renowned keynote speaker.

I utterly adored her session, especially hearing that she started kikki.K with no business nouse! My question to Kristina after the session was to do with the nuance of balancing that inner work on yourself we hear so much about –  capacity holding, personal growth and mindset work – with the learned technical skills or running and scaling a business. She started kikki.K with no business or financial acumen – how did she balance learning everything she needed to know to grow and scale while also doing that personal growth work? Was there a sweet spot? Did this balance evolve over time?

Kristina’s response was that she always – always – prioritises her personal growth. Whether it’s journaling, focusing on her dreams, or opportunistic moments like listening to podcasts while going for walks. She’s a huge advocate for reflective journaling before she starts her day, and credits a lot of her success to this balance. 

This was a timely reminder for me. I’ve been ‘on the hamster wheel’ and a bit unplugged from books, podcasts, journaling and self development. At this time of year, I’m going to guess a few of you are, too!


That’s why in this article, I’ve curated some of the best Australian-based podcasts that provide valuable guidance for your career journey. We live in a digital age, so we all know podcasts provide a convenient way to learn, grow, and consume content. Whether you’re listening at the gym (guilty!), during your commute or as you prep your dinner (also guilty), make a choice to tune into something that can help you stay inspired and navigate your career journey with purpose.

Habit stacking with podcasts and journaling

Don’t just consume the content though! Hand on heart, if you can go one step further here it will pay dividends!

Take a note from Kristina and habit stack your podcast consumption with some time spent journaling on your goals and dreams! Use a pen and paper to jot down your key ideas, and how they could be applied to YOUR specific circumstances and career pat

Our Round Up: Australian Career Podcasts


Work with Purpose: A podcast about the Australian Public Service

The Elite Collective Canberra Professional Resume Writing for Government Podcast Recommendation for Work With Purpose the Australian Public Service Career Podcast

This fortnightly podcast explores the inner workings of the APS, making it an essential listen for those interested in establishing or furthering a public service career.


Every fortnight on ‘Work with Purpose’, the hosts talk to key individuals from inside the APS, giving listeners a unique perspective on how the APS works and how it serves the Australian community.


No Bullsh*t Leadership
(Adriana's personal favourite!)

If you’ve led people, you’ll know that theory only gets you so far. Leadership is a journey that often requires learning from real-life experiences. Host Martin G. Moore shares the secrets of high-performance leadership that you won’t find in textbooks.


In this podcast, you can step away from the theoretical view of leadership and learn from a successful CEO who’s walked the path. With a blend of longer episodes and shorter snippets, you’ll gain valuable insights into the world of leadership and personal development.


The Elite Collective Canberra Professional Resume Writing for Government Podcast Recommendation for No+Bullsh!t+Leadership+Podcast


My Millennial Career

The Elite Collective Canberra Professional Resume Writing for Government Podcast Recommendation My Millennial Career

Don’t be misled by the admittedly niche title; this podcast caters to a wide audience, covering essential topics for early career professionals. From finding a mentor to addressing imposter syndrome, it’s a valuable resource for career beginners and those looking to navigate the twists and turns of their professional journey.


Hosted by recruitment and HR experts, Emily Bowen and Shelley Johnson, “My Millennial Career” was a 2020 Australian Podcast Awards Finalist for Best in Business Podcast.


The Leading Beings Podcast

The Leading Beings Podcast is all about expanding your awareness, unlocking your potential, and embracing conscious success in your work and life. It offers a holistic approach to leadership, work-life balance, self-awareness, and personal development.


Through interviews with “Leading Beings” who excel in their careers, businesses, and leadership roles, this podcast provides inspiration, tips, and strategies to help you make a meaningful impact.

The Elite Collective Canberra Professional Resume Writing for Government Podcast Recommendation for the How did you get into that podcast


How Did You Get Into That?

The Elite Collective Canberra Professional Resume Writing for Government Podcast Recommendation for the How did you get into that podcast

This one is an oldie, but if you love hearing about different careers, career paths and how people shape their careers to suit their lives and values….it’s worth a dig into the archives! 

Here, Grant Baldwin delved into the stories of people from various walks of life who are doing extraordinary things to make a living. This podcast covers a diverse range of industries, including entrepreneurship, art, music, writing, and more.

Each episode features individuals who pursued their passions and carved out unique career paths. If you’re seeking inspiration for your own career journey, this podcast is a goldmine of stories that showcase the endless possibilities.

With a diverse range of topics and perspectives, these Australian podcasts are sure to help you in making 2024 YOUR year of professional progress.   But don’t just leave it at a listen. We all know that learning and action go hand in hand. 


Listen to the podcasts, habit stack your journalling, and then…consider working with us! Our team is dedicated to helping you craft a winning resume, providing expert career guidance, and equipping you with the tools to achieve your career goals.


Your path to success starts with the right resources, so take the first step by exploring how The Elite Collective can work with you, today. 

Adriana Modersitzki

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